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Wedding Dance Lessons



Let us help you make your First Dance
the Perfect Wedding Dance.


We pride ourselves on not only teaching you how to dance but how to entertain your guests with a well structured choreography or a confident freestyle wedding dance.


There are many things to consider when thinking about your bridal dance. To help make things easier we have compiled a list of helpful hints...


Whether you're looking for traditional Bridal Dance, romantic, upbeat or funky, our highly qualified team are here to help you look fabulous on your special day.



Whether you choose to take lessons or not, make sure you take some time to prepare for the dance. If you choose to take lessons - give yourself enough time to learn the dance & practice. If you choose to not have lessons, a good option is to plan a night each week (At least 4 weeks running) with your partner where you can play the music in an open space & dance with each other, be adventurous - have fun with each other to the music. After all it's going to be an amazing night from start to finish, you don't want the first dance of about 3 minutes to be rocking side to side counting down the time - this can be something you later regret not preparing plus it won't entertain your guests.



Best to have a few songs to choose from due to factors such as, Tempo (Speed) & Timing of music, style of dance that can be danced to the particular song. Should be decided by your 2nd or 3rd lesson, or within the last two weeks.  ***We also provide a Music Editing Service***



Comfortable loose Clothing - Remember dancing is a sport and you will tend to warm up after a few minutes, Try to avoid sneaker or rubber soled shoes as they can be very sticky. No need to dance your first lessons in your actual Wedding Shoes, these can be used later as you get more comfortable on the floor. - Start Date: You should always take your last dance lesson as close to the wedding date as possible while having enough time to complete the number of lessons you require, ideally give yourselves one to two months before the wedding, as when it gets closer to the date, you'll get busier. To work out when to start your classes, work backwards from your wedding date, or call us for advice.



You should try and note the size of the floor you will be dancing on, Width, length and floor plan will be critical in choreographing the dance & strategic lines, dips or lunges to best suit your guests.



Size & Style: Without giving anything away to the Groom, the style of Dress, Size, Limits due to Hoops or Trails will be discussed in private with your Instructor to best choreograph your dance routine & steps to be used allowing for the dress limitations.



Call us or e-mail to discuss what you wish to do as a first dance so we can best tailor a package for you.. Our pricing ranges from $110 for single hour lessons to as low as $80** if you purchase a pack!

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