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Sergio Dominguez


Currently Classes: Salsa, Latin & Ballroom, Rock & Roll, Bachata & Zumba,
Available for Private Lessons.

Dance Styles: Latin & Ballroom, Salsa, Rock & Roll, Bachata and Specialist in Wedding Coreographies, Zumba®, Zumbatomic®

"Sergio's the name and enjoying any form of dance is my aim!"

I started dancing in 1996 thinking it would be a short stint, I now believe it will always be a Huge part of my life. Dancing gives me a freedom & enjoyment that nothing else comes close to (In public LOL).
Dancing has allowed me to grow as person (some would argue this…because of my warped sense of humor), I like to spice up my lessons with humor – best remedy to get past those two left feet.Dancing has lead me through a journey of learning to dance, Competing in Latin & Ballroom + Rock n Roll competitions, Performing - Stage Shows, Sydney 2000 Closing Ceremony, ABC O’Lochlan Show, Rock n Roll Video Clip, Weddings and Functions & at lots of Parties,. 


Finally through teaching being able to pass on my experience and ability to others, this has been its greatest gift…I thoroughly enjoy teaching, Group Classes, Private tuition Bridal lessons, knowing I’ll help make their most memorable day extra special. As previous owner of Trocadero dance once told me, teaching people to go from two left feet to dancing on their own & seeing the enjoyment and achievement is very rewarding, I couldn’t agree more.


Learning to dance is never easy, but learning to dance at Dancexcite in Burwood will prove to be very enjoyable with such dedicated, passionate and fun filled Teachers. Learning is part of a social event that focuses more on the fun side rather than the frustration. The reward is being able to go out social dancing – some of my best dancing has been in a pub or RSL in front of a live band!

In recent years I have found Zumba to fill a gap in my styles / training - giving me an overall fitness conditioning I haven't had since very young. Zumba being a Cardio dance fitness aerobic workout gives me the Cardio I have been lacking in my normal dance classes & keeps me at an ideal weight considering how much chocolate I eat every day!!

As difficult as learning is when you first start the rewards are never ending.

If we meet, Don’t hesitate to grab me for a dance. Yee Haaaaaa

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