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Sergio Dominguez

Director / Head Instructor

Dancexcite has been grown from the passion for dance by  it's dedicated instructors & students.

We pride ourselves on quality of Technique, styling & social leading & following in all our styles.

It's one thing is to be able to teach a sequence, but to really teach someone to dance it socially means to know the ins & outs of every move, every count - steps, styling, bodyweight,  from a lead & follow perspective.


Astrid & Sergio hope to make your visit to Dancexcite an exciting & fun filled moment which you'll want to come back for again & again!

Established in 2009, DanceXcite is the Inner West's largest and longest running Diverse Social Dance Studio.

The team at DanceXcite have the experiance & knowledge to ensure you will enjoy our quality instruction, positive friendly atmosphere and the personal growth that comes from dancing.

Our professional team of instructors also specialise in Bridal Dance lessons, creating fun & entertaining dance choreographies for you to enjoy your first dance in style & entertain your guests.

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Astrid Ferenczy

 Lead Instructor

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