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Can I try a class before enrolling

If you're unsure if dancing is for you, you might want to consider a One on One lesson with our professional instructors - this gives you the space & time to appreciate dancing & what it takes to learn & enjoy.. Plus you can sample a few styles in the private lesson to help you 

Do I need my own partner

No, in all our Social dance style courses we rotate the class so you get to dance with everyone in the class.We find this helps with learning & ensuring you don't develop bad habbits. If you do have your own partner we still need you to rotate, but should you not wish too then you are welcome to take private dance lessons where there is no need to switch,

Can I come in and watch a class

You are welcome to come in & watch the begining of a class (First 10 miunutes).

But not the entire class - as you can appreciate students become a little self conscious when others are watching & we wish to creat a comfortable place to learn without that pressure.

Do you offer private lessons

Yes, we offer private tuition in the afternoons, evenings & weekends.
This is a great way to learn at your own pace & focus on what you want from dancing

I've danced another style before - do I need to do beginners?

We understand that when you've learnt something in the past you are more capable than your absolute beginner but take a moment to appreciate that to get the most out of a dance class & invest in learning a style properly the most important facet of the dance is its fundamental movement & styling - this is only developed though muscle memory with very basic steps & revision - we highly encourage to start from scratch & grow into a style

Do I need Special Dance shoes

Sspecial shoes aren't required - Dress shoes are fine for the first courses.
Should you wish to continue learning & get the best out of your dancing then investing in a pair of shoes is recommended as you won't be held back by the quality & styling of dress shoes.

Which Style am I best to start with?

Choose a style that appeals to you - there is no right or wrong style to start dancing to for the first time..
Choose one where the music appeals to you - that way you'll get groovy with it straight away

Am I too old to start dancing?

You're never too old to start, if you can walk you can dance.

What if I struggle keeping up?

With our structured dance courses we do keep the pace at a level that all participants are able to manage, but should you wish to better focus on your weaker moves we do offer & encourage private dance tuition where we can assist you getting over any hurdles that may be holding you back

What shoes should I wear

For structured dance courses - Flats or low heels are best for woman, Men are best wearing dress shoes.
No runners as these can be rather sticky on the dance floor & will inhibit natural movement & twist
Cardio Dance Fitness - Zumba - Joggers are best

Do I have to pre-enrol

No pre-enrolment required for our Courses but it is recommended as that way we are aware of numbers - also, should numbers not meet our minimum we can contact you regarding any changes for the first course.

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